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Adding checkpoint/restore support to podman question 1 2018-07-20 Adrian Reber New
bfd: bread: read in a loop when running with --remote 1 2017-07-01 Mike Rapoport New
Bug report: a process restored with criu crashes on SIGFPE 2018-01-29 Cyrill Gorcunov New
build: Add dev-dep target to install build-required packages 2017-10-31 Kirill Tkhai New
cgroup: Skip unified hier controllers 2017-06-23 Pavel Emelyanov New
compel -- Use unsigned long for arguments 2018-08-10 Cyrill Gorcunov New
compel/ppc64le: make task size detection more robust 2017-08-24 Mike Rapoport New
compel: Do not loose sign of result in compat syscall 2017-10-30 Cyrill Gorcunov New
compel: Do not loose sign of result in compat syscall 1 2017-10-30 Cyrill Gorcunov New
compel: infect -- Don't forget to fetch sas early 2017-02-19 Cyrill Gorcunov New
compel: std_vprint_num returns a null-terminated string 2018-05-07 Joel Nider New
compel: std_vprint_num returns a null-terminated string 2018-05-07 Joel Nider New
Compile errors with 4.18 kernels 2018-06-14 Radostin Stoyanov New
config: fix valgrind leak 2018-07-24 Adrian Reber New
core: Implement xgetpid() 2017-03-15 Kirill Tkhai New
cr-service: add lazy-pages RPC feature check 2017-02-16 Adrian Reber New
cr-service: require non-cooperative userfaultfd for lazy-pages 2 2017-08-09 Mike Rapoport New
crit: fix 'make install' 2017-04-25 Kir Kolyshkin New
crit: Use ns_pid, ns_sid and ns_gid 1 2017-09-04 Kirill Tkhai New
criu check --extra output and dump failure 2017-04-18 Dmitry Safonov New
criu check --extra output and dump failure 2017-04-18 Dmitry Safonov New
criu check --extra output and dump failure 2017-04-18 Dmitry Safonov New
criu restore: mismatched pid debug 2017-04-25 Kir Kolyshkin New
criu: add -fprofile-update=atomic for builds with gcov 2018-03-01 Andrei Vagin New
criu: add a few missing newlines in pr_err() 2018-07-27 Andrei Vagin New
criu: Don't fail if ghost file has no parent dirs. 1 2017-12-06 Vitaly Ostrosablin New
criu: don't use a glibc cached pid 2017-03-28 Andrei Vagin New
crtools: also print the current kernel version 2017-11-24 Adrian Reber New
Documentation: update RPC configuration file section 2018-08-02 Adrian Reber New
dump/files: remove a leftover from dead_pid_conflict 2018-07-19 Pavel Tikhomirov New
Dumping a 32-bit process on aarch64 kernel 2017-12-15 Andrei Vagin New
Extend the parser to accept negative options 2017-03-28 Veronika Kabatova New
Fall back to opening image files readonly if readwrite fails. 2018-07-30 Pawel Stradomski New
fdstore: Print detailed error when queue is exhausted 2018-06-22 Cyrill Gorcunov New
files: fix clone_service_fd overlap handling 2018-04-17 Pavel Tikhomirov New
files: fix naming confusion between RemapFilePathEntry and RegFileEntry 2018-08-06 Pavel Tikhomirov New
Fix typos 2018-02-06 Radostin Stoyanov New
Fix UB in choose_service_fd_base due to calling __builtin_clz(0) 2018-04-09 Radoslaw Burny New
Fixed negative returns issues introduced by remote images code. 2017-03-01 Rodrigo Bruno New
Fixed NULL_RETURNS issues introduced by remote images code. 2017-03-10 Rodrigo Bruno New
fs: Add new argument to fstype::parse() and use it in binfmt_misc 2017-05-11 Kirill Tkhai New
fsnotify: skip non-direcory mounts 2017-02-17 Pavel Tikhomirov New
image-cache: Ignore SIGPIPE 2018-07-09 Radostin Stoyanov New
image: do_open_remote_image: Move the unix sockets to workdir 2017-07-17 Omri Kramer New
images: Implement collect_images() to minimaze code lines 2017-05-04 Kirill Tkhai New
init/Kconfig: make CHECKPOINT_RESTORE select PROC_PAGE_MONITOR 2018-02-27 Mike Rapoport New
jenkins: criu-lib: kill trailing whitespace 2017-09-13 Mike Rapoport New
kdat: Don't open /run/criu.kdat if doesn't exists 1 2018-07-01 Radostin Stoyanov New
lazy-pages: don't close page_read when a parent process exits 2017-09-07 Mike Rapoport New
lazy-pages: treat ENOMEM returned by UFFDIO_UNREGISTER as task exit 2017-09-28 Mike Rapoport New
lazy-pages: uffd_zero: igore -EEXIST error 2017-09-13 Mike Rapoport New
lib: Add start page-server support 2018-02-06 Radostin Stoyanov New
Looking at the aarch64 failure (issue #415) 2018-02-20 Adrian Reber New
Make socket_udp-corked use different port 1 2018-03-26 Vitaly Ostrosablin New
make: Add snapshot target 2017-10-05 Cyrill Gorcunov New
make: Add tarball target 2017-10-10 Cyrill Gorcunov New
make: don't run feature-tests for tags/etags/cscope 2017-04-24 Dmitry Safonov New
mount: Fix typo in MNT_TREE_WALK doc-comment 2018-03-24 Radostin Stoyanov New
net/ip: print fd link of the image we fail to restore from 2018-08-07 Pavel Tikhomirov New
net: Create child with CLONE_VM in prepare_net_namespaces() 2017-03-15 Kirill Tkhai New
net: Execute ip[6]tables-{save, restore} with -w option 2017-09-22 Kirill Tkhai New
net: remove excess null terminating characters in messages 2018-08-09 Pavel Tikhomirov New
net: set the root net ns after restoring all namespaces 1 2017-03-29 Kirill Tkhai New
net: set the root net ns after restoring all namespaces 2017-03-28 Andrei Vagin New
ns: Do not reuse PROC_SELF after CLONE_VM child 2017-03-23 Kirill Tkhai New
page-xfer: Be more verbose on error-paths 2017-06-22 Dmitry Safonov New
page-xfer: Fixup page server protocol for lazy pages 2017-06-21 Pavel Emelyanov New
page-xfer: Handle partial splicing 1 2018-08-10 Cyrill Gorcunov New
pagemap: fix reading pages from socket for --remote case 1 2017-04-21 Mike Rapoport New
pagemap: Use ssize_t type in read_local_page 2018-08-10 Cyrill Gorcunov New
pages: Share page_ids between ns dump-helpers 1 2017-06-29 Dmitry Safonov New
phaul: use stats image from images dir instead of workdir 2018-03-26 Pavel Tikhomirov New
pidns: Optimize set_next_pid() 2017-05-10 Kirill Tkhai New
process_vmsplice.2: New page describing process_vmsplice(2) system call. 2017-11-27 Mike Rapoport New
ptrace, seccomp: add support for retrieving seccomp flags 2017-09-19 Tycho Andersen New
Punch holes in input files when restoring anonymous non-shared memory 2018-07-17 Pawel Stradomski New
remote: Fix incorrect passing of port option 2018-01-28 Radostin Stoyanov New
restore: Don't finish_remote_restore on detached 2018-04-24 Radostin Stoyanov New
restore: Don't open same files to mmap mutiple times 2017-04-13 Pavel Emelyanov New
RPC: make status-fd option available via RPC 2017-02-06 Adrian Reber New
s390: Move -msoft-float into compel Makefiles 1 2017-07-20 Michael Holzheu New
seccomp: Use own seccomp_metadata_t type 2018-05-18 Cyrill Gorcunov New
service: don't cache a service descriptor 2018-04-23 Andrei Vagin New
sk-packet: Don't open image when not needed 2017-06-29 Pavel Emelyanov New
soccr: Print errors in send_fin 2017-04-03 Pavel Emelyanov New
Subject: [PATCH 2/2] Makefile variables BINDIR, SBINDIR, MANDIR, LIBDIR shall also be externally ... 1 2017-06-27 Francesco Giancane New
Subject: [PATCH 2/2] Makefile variables BINDIR, SBINDIR, MANDIR, LIBDIR shall also be externally ... 2017-06-27 Francesco Giancane New
test/ add option to specify external criu for test suite 2018-06-08 Adrian Reber New
test/zdtm: do not allow running with --lazy-pages on kernel without uffd 2017-07-09 Mike Rapoport New
test: grow_map -- Mark as noauto 2017-06-27 Cyrill Gorcunov New
test: sigaltstack -- Drop useless test of a leader stack 2017-11-06 Cyrill Gorcunov New
test: static,aio01 -- Predefine SIGNAL_H 2018-06-15 Radostin Stoyanov New
test: thread_different_uid_gid -- More fixes 2017-10-14 Cyrill Gorcunov New
tests: add a runc based test 2018-07-18 Adrian Reber New
tests: add a runc based test 2018-07-05 Adrian Reber New
tests: fix builds on alpine and centos 2018-06-21 Adrian Reber New
travis/lazy-pages: explicitly define the tests to verify lazy-pages 2017-10-08 Mike Rapoport New
travis: run tests with asan 2017-03-29 Andrei Vagin New
user_ns: Block SIGCHLD during namespaces generation 2017-04-01 Kirill Tkhai New
util: block SIGCHLD to run a sub process 2017-03-30 Andrei Vagin New
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