[1/4] travis-test: select tests skipped by lazy-pages pass more carefully

Submitted by Mike Rapoport on May 29, 2017, 4:11 p.m.


Message ID 1496074310-21104-2-git-send-email-rppt@linux.vnet.ibm.com
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Series "test: improve lazy-pages testing"
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Mike Rapoport May 29, 2017, 4:11 p.m.
Most of zdtm test should pass with --lazy-pages with kernels newer than
Some test excluded for older kernels surprisingly pass even now, mainly
becuase they do not actually stress userfaultfd, which will be fixed in the
upcoming commits :)
The cmdlinenv00 fails even with kernel 4.11 because of a race between uffd
and gup in the case external process reads /proc/<pid>/cmdline before
memory containing the command line is populated.

Signed-off-by: Mike Rapoport <rppt@linux.vnet.ibm.com>
 scripts/travis/travis-tests | 12 +++++++++++-
 1 file changed, 11 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

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diff --git a/scripts/travis/travis-tests b/scripts/travis/travis-tests
index cc61f8a..8fee833 100755
--- a/scripts/travis/travis-tests
+++ b/scripts/travis/travis-tests
@@ -64,7 +64,17 @@  chmod 0777 test/zdtm/static
 chmod 0777 test/zdtm/transition
 ./test/zdtm.py run -a -p 2
-./test/zdtm.py run -a -p 2 --lazy-pages -x maps007
+KERN_MAJ=`uname -r | cut -d. -f1`
+KERN_MIN=`uname -r | cut -d. -f2`
+if [ $KERN_MAJ -ge "4" ] && [ $KERN_MIN -ge "11" ]; then
+	LAZY_EXCLUDE="-x cmdlinenv00"
+	LAZY_EXCLUDE="-x maps007 -x fork -x fork2 -x uffd-events -x cgroupns
+		      -x socket_listen -x socket_listen6 -x cmdlinenv00
+		      -x socket_close_data01"
+./test/zdtm.py run -a -p 2 --lazy-pages $LAZY_EXCLUDE --keep-going --report report
 bash ./test/jenkins/criu-fault.sh
 bash ./test/jenkins/criu-fcg.sh