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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[Devel,rh7] ve/net/sctp: allow using SCTP inside Containers 2016-09-12 Konstantin Khorenko New
[Devel,RH7] ve/net/packet: show tx-ring warning only for host 2017-03-23 Pavel Tikhomirov New
[Devel,RH7] ve/kmod/whitelist: allow dummy module autoloading 2016-09-30 Pavel Tikhomirov New
[Devel,rh7] ve/kmod/ebtable: allow to autoload ebtable_* modules from inside a CT 2017-05-18 Konstantin Khorenko New
[Devel,RH7] ve/audit: allow changing loginuid for VE root 2017-04-19 Pavel Tikhomirov New
[Devel,rh7] tty: Fix task hang if one of peers is sitting in read 2016-08-24 Kirill Gorkunov New
[Devel,rh7] tswap: Add support for zero-filled pages 2017-08-03 Kirill Tkhai New
[Devel,rh7] tcache: Fix original page invalidation 2017-08-09 Kirill Tkhai New
[Devel,rh7] tcache: Delete duplicate cycle iteration variable 2017-08-10 Kirill Tkhai New
[Devel,RH7] sysctl: panic only on softlockup_panic-th consequent softlockup 2016-09-21 Pavel Tikhomirov New
[Devel,rh7] seccomp, ptrace: Save original BPF program when setting the filer 2016-12-07 Kirill Gorkunov New
[Devel,rh7] seccomp, ptrace: Fix typo in filter fetching 2016-12-06 Kirill Gorkunov New
[Devel,RH7] scsi/eh: fix hang adding ehandler wakeups after decrementing host_busy 2017-09-05 Pavel Tikhomirov New
[Devel,rh7] sched_show_task: call task_ve_name() under RCU lock 2017-02-08 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] sched: make load balancing more agressive 2016-08-03 Vladimir Davydov New
[Devel,rh7] sched: Fix race on toggling cfs_bandwidth_used 2016-08-30 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] sched: Fix cfs_rq->active assignment in sched_cfs_active_timer() 2016-09-07 Kirill Tkhai New
[Devel,rh7] sched: fair: fix dst pinned not set when failing migration due to cpulimit restriction 2016-08-03 Vladimir Davydov New
[Devel,rh7] sched: debug: show nr_failed_migrations_cpulimit 2016-08-03 Vladimir Davydov New
[Devel,rh7] sched: add WARN_ON's to debug task boosting 2016-08-03 Vladimir Davydov New
[Devel,rh7] sched: Account iothrottled wakeups correctly 2017-08-08 Kirill Tkhai New
[Devel,rh7] revert mnt: Honor MNT_LOCKED when detaching mounts 2017-09-15 Vasily Averin New
[Devel,rh7] quota: translate [ug]id relative to sb->s_user_ns 2017-06-27 Konstantin Khorenko New
[Devel,rh7] proc/modules: show loaded modules in container. 2016-11-22 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] ploop: push_backup: ploop_pb_init must always spawn health_monitor 2016-10-26 Maxim Patlasov New
[Devel,rh7] ploop: push_backup: fix pbd->ppb_lock deadlock 2016-10-20 Maxim Patlasov New
[Devel,rh7] ploop: push_backup: avoid preq->state corruption 2016-10-30 Maxim Patlasov New
[Devel,rh7] ploop: push_backup: avoid deadlock on PLOOP_PEEK 2016-10-25 Maxim Patlasov New
[Devel,rh7] ploop: pio_nfs does not require PLOOP_REQ_ISSUE_FLUSH 2016-10-25 Maxim Patlasov New
[Devel,rh7] ploop: drop the obsolete drivers/block/ploop/compat.c 2017-02-08 Konstantin Khorenko New
[Devel,rh7] ploop: drop obsolete code related to old kernels 2017-02-09 Konstantin Khorenko New
[Devel,rh7] ploop: add support for dm-crypted ploops 2016-08-15 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,RH7] pfcache: hide trusted.pfcache from listxattr 2016-09-22 Pavel Tikhomirov New
[Devel,RH7] pfcache: fix misplaced endline in ext4_xattr_trusted_csum_list 2016-09-26 Pavel Tikhomirov New
[Devel,rh7] pfcache/ub: account pfcache peer files in ub0 2017-01-09 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] ovl: verify upper dentry in ovl_remove_and_whiteout() 2016-07-23 Maxim Patlasov New
[Devel,rh7] overlayfs: fix dentry reference leak 2016-07-29 Maxim Patlasov New
[Devel,rh7] netlink: Don't manipulate @sk_peek_off if data fetching failed 2016-12-22 Kirill Gorkunov New
[Devel,rh7] net: nf_synproxy: Direct conntrack allocation 2016-09-15 Kirill Tkhai New
[Devel,rh7] net/ip6tables: fix autoloading of the ip6table_raw module from CT 2016-08-03 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] net/af_packet: fix kmem charge/uncharge 2017-04-05 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,RH7] ms:/proc/PID/status: show all sets of pid according to ns 2017-07-04 Pavel Tikhomirov New
[Devel,RH7] ms/x86/signal: Remove bogus user_64bit_mode() check from sigaction_compat_abi() 2016-10-26 Dmitry Safonov New
[Devel,rh7] ms/x86/asm/irq: Stop relying on magic JMP behavior for early_idt_handlers 2017-06-22 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,RH7] ms/workqueue: fix ghost PENDING flag while doing MQ IO 2017-08-24 Pavel Tikhomirov New
[Devel,RH7] ms/vxlan: fix use-after-free on deletion 2017-06-14 Pavel Tikhomirov New
[Devel,RH7] ms/tmpfs: fix SEEK_DATA/SEEK_HOLE regression 2016-11-03 Pavel Tikhomirov New
[Devel,rh7] ms/percpu: fix this_cpu_sub() subtrahend casting for unsigneds 2017-04-04 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,RH7] ms/ovl: fix d_real() for stacked fs 2017-02-09 Pavel Tikhomirov New
[Devel,RH7] ms/net: allow macvlans to move to net namespace 2016-10-31 Pavel Tikhomirov New
[Devel,rh7] ms/mm: prevent KASAN false positives in kmemleak 2017-05-31 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] ms/mm: memcg: fix race condition between memcg teardown and swapin 2017-03-31 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] ms/mm/memcontrol.c: fix the margin computation in mem_cgroup_margin() 2017-06-06 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] ms/mm/list_lru.c: avoid error-path NULL pointer deref 2017-06-19 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] ms/mm/huge_memory.c: respect FOLL_FORCE/FOLL_COW for thp 2017-08-16 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] ms/mm, oom: remove task_lock protecting comm printing 2016-12-19 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] ms/memcg: make mem_cgroup_read_stat() unsigned 2017-02-16 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] ms/coredump: fix unfreezable coredumping task 2016-10-03 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] ms/cgroup: fix rmdir EBUSY regression in 3.11 2017-01-11 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] ms/balloon: check the number of available pages in leak balloon 2017-01-16 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] mm: memcontrol: add memory.numa_migrate file 2016-08-18 Vladimir Davydov New
[Devel,rh7] mm: fix truncate_inode_pages_range() for filesystems without buffer-heads 2016-08-03 Maxim Patlasov New
[Devel,rh7] mm: fix false positive WARN on fs reenterence 2017-04-04 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] mm/zswap: fix potential deadlock in zswap_frontswap_store() 2017-03-28 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] mm/tswap: make tswap work again 2017-04-18 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] mm/tcache: make tcache work again 2017-04-18 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] mm/tcache: close race between attach and invalidate page 2017-04-07 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] mm/migrate: add missing memcg charge 2017-08-30 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] mm/memcontrol: fix shmem accounting 2017-01-23 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] mm/memcontrol: Fix mem cgroup usage statistics. 2017-01-23 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] mm/memcontrol/numa_migrate: split transparent huge pages before migrating 2016-11-22 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] mm/memcg: sleep if mem_cgroup_force_empty_list() stumped on busy page 2017-09-05 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] mm/memcg: reclaim memory on reaching kmem limit. 2017-07-26 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] mm/memcg: get precise stat2 counters for statistics. 2017-07-28 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] mm/memcg: fix crashes on migrating THP. 2017-08-14 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] mm/memcg: drop extra mem_cgroup_inc_failcnt() 2017-08-30 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] mm/memcg: destroy stat2 percpu counters on deletion of the cgroup. 2017-07-26 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] mm/memcg: add missing kmem charge. 2017-08-29 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] mm/memcg, ub: fix overflow in mem_cgroup_apply_beancounter() 2017-06-01 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] mm/hmm: Restore removed hunk in copy_one_pte() 2017-08-28 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] md: add support for dm-crypted ploops 2016-10-19 Maxim Patlasov New
[Devel,rh7] ksm: Revert "introduce ksm_max_page_sharing per page deduplication limit" 2017-03-17 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] kobj, uevent: allow to broadcast event to ve0 from any ve 2017-07-20 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,RH7] kmod/whitelist: allow overlay fs module autoloading 2016-08-29 Dmitry Safonov New
[Devel,rh7] ipv6: add IPV6_HDRINCL option for raw sockets 2016-11-16 Kirill Gorkunov New
[Devel,rh7] ipv6/sit: account and don't WARN on ip_tunnel_prl structs allocation 2017-01-16 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,RH7] ioctl: use sb from file inode when make FIGETBSZ check 2017-02-09 Pavel Tikhomirov New
[Devel,rh7] fuse: queue work for aio_complete (v3) 2016-11-02 Maxim Patlasov New
[Devel,rh7] fuse: process small sync direct reads synchronously 2016-10-14 Maxim Patlasov New
[Devel,rh7] fuse: fuse_flush must check mapping->flags for errors 2016-07-20 Maxim Patlasov New
[Devel,rh7] fs: Revert "MS/FS/DCACHE: move vfs caches to headers" 2017-08-01 Kirill Tkhai New
[Devel,rh7] fs: hold reference on original path 2016-09-22 Maxim Patlasov New
[Devel,rh7] fs: avoid holding extra reference on original path 2016-10-01 Maxim Patlasov New
[Devel,rh7] fs: add __GFP_NORETRY in alloc_fdmem 2016-10-21 Anatoly Stepanov New
[Devel,rh7] fs/fadvise: introduce FADV_DEACTIVATE flag 2016-12-22 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] fs/ext4: allow container's root to change immutable attribute. 2017-06-07 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] fs/dax: remove comment leftover 2017-08-29 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] fs/cleancache: fix data invalidation in the cleancache during direct_io 2017-04-11 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,rh7] fs/cleancache: fix data invalidation in the cleancache during direct_io 2017-04-12 Andrey Ryabinin New
[Devel,RH7] fence-watchdog: return back message printing about fencing 2016-09-14 Pavel Tikhomirov New
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