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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
net: Fix namespace fd leak in get_socket_ns() 2018-02-19 Kirill Tkhai Accepted
net: fix stack out-of-bounds access in dump_one_netdev() 1 2017-01-30 Andrey Ryabinin Accepted
net: Make criu do not fail on recent iproute2 2016-11-01 Kirill Tkhai Superseded
net: mount a new tmpfs if it isn't enough rights to open /run/xtables.lock 2018-05-04 Andrei Vagin Rejected
net: Relax xmalloc-ing (and fix NULL deref) 2017-06-16 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
net: remove excess null terminating characters in messages 2018-08-09 Pavel Tikhomirov Accepted
net: save all attributes of sit devices 2018-02-26 Andrei Vagin Accepted
net: set the root net ns after restoring all namespaces 2017-03-29 Kirill Tkhai Rejected
net: set the root net ns after restoring all namespaces 1 2017-03-29 Kirill Tkhai New
net: set the root net ns after restoring all namespaces 2017-03-28 Andrei Vagin New
net: suggest enabling NETFILTER_XT_MARK if iptables-restore failed 2017-05-04 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
net: veth -- Don't force to create master peer index if no nsid 2018-06-21 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
netfilter.c: use literal string for printf format 2016-08-31 Kir Kolyshkin Rejected
netfilter: use ipv4 iptables rules to block IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses 2017-11-27 Andrei Vagin Accepted
netfilter: use pr_perror only when errno has to be printed 2016-06-15 Andrei Vagin Accepted
nmk: -- Add missing space 1 2016-09-28 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
ns: Do not reuse PROC_SELF after CLONE_VM child 2017-03-23 Kirill Tkhai New
ns: Fix error return value in __get_ns_id() 2017-01-10 Kirill Tkhai Superseded
ns: Implement setns_from_fdstore() for repeating code 2017-07-11 Kirill Tkhai Accepted
ns: Move all CLONE_FOO into namespaces.h 2 2016-04-27 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
ns: Use waitpid() in create_user_ns_hierarhy_fn() 2017-04-05 Kirill Tkhai Accepted
p.haul page statistics 2016-09-12 Mike Rapoport Rejected
p.haul: fix root_task_pid function for Virtuozzo containers 2016-04-28 Nikita Spiridonov Rejected
p.haul: forward correct verbosity level to criu restore 2016-05-04 Nikita Spiridonov Rejected
p.haul: Repairing WebGUI 1 2016-06-03 Arthur Lockman Rejected
page-pipe: (yet another) fix for split page-pipe buffers 2016-11-22 Mike Rapoport Superseded
page-pipe: do not allow pipe sharing between different PPB types 2018-02-11 Mike Rapoport Accepted
page-pipe: drop dead code 2017-07-13 Mike Rapoport Accepted
page-read: fix open_page_read usage 1 2016-06-25 Pavel Tikhomirov Rejected
page-server: Allow blocking on pipe 2016-12-19 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
page-server: Allow blocking on socket 2017-01-09 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
page-xfer: Be more verbose on error-paths 2017-06-22 Dmitry Safonov New
page-xfer: Fixup page server protocol for lazy pages 2017-06-21 Pavel Emelianov New
page-xfer: handle a case when splice returns zero 2017-07-20 Andrei Vagin Accepted
page-xfer: Handle partial splicing 1 2018-08-10 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
page-xfer: page_server_get_pages: replace BUG_ONs with 'return -1' 2016-11-23 Mike Rapoport Superseded
page-xfer: Sanitize xfer core routine (v2) 2017-06-29 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
page-xfer: spelling: s/heppen/happen 2016-11-14 Mike Rapoport Accepted
pagemap: add an ability to disable pagemap cache 1 1 2016-08-24 Andrei Vagin Accepted
pagemap: fix reading pages from socket for --remote case 1 2017-04-21 Mike Rapoport New
pagemap: include falloc.h for FALLOC_FL_PUNCH_HOLE 1 2016-06-24 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
pagemap: Support async pages reading by chunks 2017-01-31 Pavel Emelianov Superseded
pagemap: Use ssize_t type in read_local_page 2018-08-10 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
pagemap: verify the number of pages returned by receive_remote_pages_info 2016-12-15 Mike Rapoport Accepted
pages: Share page_ids between ns dump-helpers 1 2017-06-29 Dmitry Safonov New
parasite-syscall: describe task's state on trap failure 1 2016-06-09 Dmitry Safonov Rejected
parasite: don't use a process stack to unmap a parasite blob 2016-08-18 Andrei Vagin Accepted
parasite: drop unused PARASITE_CMD_DAEMONIZED 1 2016-06-06 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
parasite: handle errors while a transport socket is being created 1 1 2016-07-28 Andrei Vagin Rejected
parasite: pass parameter regs as pointer 1 2016-07-07 Andrei Vagin Accepted
parasite: Relax size checking for get_exec_start() 2016-10-17 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
parasite: Relax the parasite_execute_trap_by_pid API 2016-10-17 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
parasite: simplify syscall check 1 2016-07-19 Laurent Dufour Accepted
pcs7: shmem -- Inspect pages before the dump 1 2016-10-07 Andrei Vagin Superseded
phaul: Go library for live migration 2017-02-16 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
phaul: use relative path for parent link 2017-11-20 Jacob Wen Accepted
phaul: use stats image from images dir instead of workdir 2018-03-26 Pavel Tikhomirov Rejected
pidns: Optimize set_next_pid() 2017-05-10 Kirill Tkhai New
pid_ns: Destroy helpers via kill() 2017-05-15 Kirill Tkhai Accepted
pie/build/!piegen-y: do not produce relocatable parasite object 2016-04-21 Dmitry Safonov Rejected
pie/log: print space after timestamp 2018-05-15 Andrey Vagin Accepted
pie: fix clobber registers for int 0x80 2016-12-14 Dmitry Safonov Superseded
pie: Optimize send_fds() and recv_fds() with opts 2016-10-27 Kirill Tkhai Superseded
pie: Print timestamps in restorer 2017-01-11 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
pipe: Fix comment about list head entry 2017-05-26 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
pipe: print pipe_id as unsigned to generate an external pipe name 2019-09-24 Andrei Vagin New
pipe: reopen pipes via usernsd 1 2017-02-28 Andrei Vagin Accepted
pipes: Restore pipe size via userns call 2017-02-03 Cyrill Gorcunov Rejected
plugins: Initialize plugins control by default 2016-05-17 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
pp: Introduce page pipe flags 2016-07-06 Pavel Emelianov Rejected
ppc64: Fix clobber list item for JUMP_TO_RESTORER_BLOB 1 2017-02-13 Laurent Dufour Accepted
ppc64le soft dirty tracking on 4.14 2017-10-03 Andrey Vagin Not Applicable
pre-dump: handle only seized tasks 2016-07-13 Andrei Vagin Accepted
Preliminary set of changes to support dumping BPF map files. A major task is yet to be completed:... 2020-04-20 Abhishek Vijeev New
prepare_pstree: fixup reading kernel pid_max 1 2016-08-04 Kir Kolyshkin Rejected
Print CRIU and kernel version also in RPC mode 2018-03-08 Adrian Reber Accepted
Print out if a RPC configuration file is used 2018-11-16 Adrian Reber Accepted
Print the mnt_id in current mount namespace 2019-10-17 Chen, Hu New
process_vmsplice.2: New page describing process_vmsplice(2) system call. 2017-11-27 Mike Rapoport New
proc_parse: don't read an uninitialized pointer 2016-06-09 Andrei Vagin Accepted
proc_parse: fix vma file open mode recognition 2016-06-30 Stanislav Kinsburskiy Rejected
proc_parse: use the static buffer to parse mountinfo 2016-10-11 Andrei Vagin Superseded
pr_err: add \n where we miss them 2017-12-07 Pavel Tikhomirov Accepted
pstree/pidns: initialize tid->ns[i].virt for threads 1 2017-05-09 Pavel Tikhomirov Accepted
pstree: Add extern to "current" declaration 2017-05-26 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
pstree: Aligned pstree item allocation 2017-02-01 Kirill Tkhai Superseded
pstree: Aligned pstree item allocation 2017-01-28 Kirill Tkhai Superseded
pstree: allow shelljob to inherit sid from criu process again 2017-07-26 Pavel Tikhomirov Accepted
pstree: Avoid double getpid() call 2018-10-28 Radostin Stoyanov New
pstree: Avoid multiple calls to getpid() 1 2018-10-28 Radostin Stoyanov Accepted
pstree: bump kernel pid_max value if needed 2016-07-19 Laurent Dufour Rejected
pstree: Do not populate zero levels of task's pid 1 2017-06-29 Kirill Tkhai Accepted
pstree: fix prepare_dummy_pstree after rework of PID namespace 1 2017-06-28 Mike Rapoport Accepted
pstree: Implement vpgid(), vsid() and vtid() 2017-04-26 Kirill Tkhai Accepted
pstree: Relax parent finding fast path 1 2016-05-13 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
pstree: rename lookup_create_{item <=> pid} 2016-11-14 Dmitry Safonov Superseded
pstree: Restore task group leader when inherit SID 1 2019-01-18 Radostin Stoyanov Accepted
pstree: use RB_EMPTY_NODE to check that node is not linked 1 2017-05-24 Pavel Tikhomirov Accepted
pstree: workaround stupidity of modern compilers 1 2016-05-10 Andrei Vagin Accepted
ptrace, seccomp: add support for retrieving seccomp flags 2017-09-19 Tycho Andersen New
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