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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
'make install' does not honor external variables 2017-06-27 Francesco Giancane Accepted
(no subject) 2019-03-28 Cyrill Gorcunov New
.gitignore: Add compel and common asm symlinks 2016-12-23 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
.gitignore: update to recent changes 1 2016-04-22 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
aarch64/pie/util-vdso: workaround for vdso_symbols relocation 1 1 2016-05-10 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
Action scripts should be invoked with normal signal behavior 2019-10-24 Nicolas Viennot Accepted
action-scripts.h: rm explicit numbering of enum 1 2016-09-12 Kir Kolyshkin Rejected
action-scripts: include bug.h 2016-05-25 Andrei Vagin Accepted
action-scripts: set CRTOOL_INIT_PID only if pid is valid 2016-05-04 Stanislav Kinsburskiy Rejected
Add ability to restore with missing sysctls on the target node 2016-11-29 Pavel Tikhomirov Accepted
Add compel-host to .gitignore 2016-10-07 Kir Kolyshkin Accepted
Add directory for common headers 2016-10-20 Cyrill Gorcunov Superseded
add macro to ignore cant connect inet socket back error 2018-10-22 Smite Chow New
Add support for relative timestamps 2019-04-09 Sagar Tewari New
add warning message when joining user namespace 2016-05-30 Dengguangxing Accepted
Added --display-stats to the man page 2016-10-13 Adrian Reber Accepted
Added option to display dump/restore stats 2016-10-07 Adrian Reber Superseded
Adding checkpoint/restore support to podman question 1 2018-07-20 Adrian Reber New
aio: Consider AIO pages as "should be dumped" 2016-05-24 Kirill Tkhai Accepted
aio: don't leak memory 2016-06-09 Andrei Vagin Accepted
aio: Fix mmap retval analysing 2016-05-13 Kirill Tkhai Accepted
Allow criu page-server to work over ipv6. 2018-06-07 Pawel Stradomski Accepted
Allow passing ps-socket file descriptor when launching criu. 2018-06-13 Pawel Stradomski Accepted
alpine linux 2016-06-27 Adrian Reber Rejected
Android: change tmpdir to /data/tmp 2019-04-16 Zhang, Ning A New
APPLIED[F/E]/cmnt: [SRU][UNSTABLE/BIONIC/XENIAL][PATCH] UBUNTU: SAUCE: overlayfs: use shiftfs hac... 2020-04-27 Kleber Souza New
arch, x86: int80 -- Clobber all rX registers 2019-01-15 Cyrill Gorcunov New
arch/x86: Fix calculation of xstate_size 2020-05-31 Cyrill Gorcunov New
arch/x86: Fix calculation of xstate_size 1 2020-05-18 Cyrill Gorcunov New
arch/x86: fpu_state->fpu_state_ia32.xsave hast to be 64-byte aligned 1 1 2019-09-14 Andrei Vagin Accepted
arch/x86: push correct eip on the stack before lretq 1 2019-09-10 Andrei Vagin Accepted
arm/make: add missed syscalls.S dependency 2017-04-19 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
arm: fix atomic_{add,sub}_return 1 2019-04-21 Andrei Vagin Accepted
arm: Workaround shmat() page coloring alignment 2017-04-12 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
autofs: collect new pipe fd as used 1 2016-04-27 Stanislav Kinsburskiy Accepted
autofs: do not create dentries for indirect mount on bind-mounts 1 2016-04-27 Stanislav Kinsburskiy Accepted
autofs: use temporary value for virtual pgrp on dump 2016-04-20 Stanislav Kinsburskiy Accepted
Avoid unnecessary getpid() calls 2019-01-17 Radostin Stoyanov Accepted
bfd: bread: read in a loop when running with --remote 1 2017-07-01 Mike Rapoport New
bitops: use a gcc builtin function instead of our __ffs 2018-06-17 Andrey Vagin Accepted
bitops: use the UL literal for constants 1 1 2018-06-17 Andrey Vagin Accepted
BUG in parasite_infect_seized() 2016-05-20 Andrey Vagin Not Applicable
Bug report: a process restored with criu crashes on SIGFPE 2018-01-29 Andrey Vagin Rejected
Bug report: a process restored with criu crashes on SIGFPE 2018-01-29 Cyrill Gorcunov New
BUG: CRIU corrupt floating point state after checkpoint 2019-09-25 Dmitry Safonov New
Bugfix: Kill dead code from pipes test #333 2019-02-26 Mitul Karnik Accepted
build system: make CC/LD derive from HOSTCC/HOSTLD 1 2016-10-27 Kir Kolyshkin Superseded
build: Add ability to generate gprof output 1 2016-05-04 Cyrill Gorcunov Rejected
build: Add dev-dep target to install build-required packages 2017-10-31 Kirill Tkhai New
build: Don't forget to rebuild pie code on compel plugins change 2017-10-21 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
build: Don't forget to relink arch builtins on change 2016-05-21 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
build: Don't pass --wrap on every linking file only for CRIU target only 1 2016-05-05 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
build: generate config.h in the top-make 2016-09-26 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
build: Move generated config.h into include/common/ 1 2017-07-19 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
build: nmk -- Filter out -Wl flags from linking builtin targets 1 1 2016-06-30 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
build: Show a note when building wihout libbsd 2019-01-04 Radostin Stoyanov Accepted
c-lib: added set_page_server_address_port 2019-01-30 Martin Wuehrer Accepted
cg: Add ability to dump custom cgroup properties and skip controllers 2016-04-26 Cyrill Gorcunov Rejected
cg: Add ability to dump predefined controllers only 2016-04-22 Cyrill Gorcunov Rejected
cg: props -- Fix resource leak on realloc failure 2016-05-17 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
cg: props -- Handle use after free on error path in cgp_handle_props caller 2016-05-17 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
cg: rpc -- Add bindings for custom cgroup props engine 2016-05-30 Cyrill Gorcunov Rejected
cgrou-props: typo fix 1 2016-05-17 Andrei Vagin Accepted
cgroup: actually detect cgroupns bind mounts correctly 2016-08-12 Tycho Andersen Accepted
cgroup: actually detect cgroupns bind mounts correctly 2016-08-08 Tycho Andersen Rejected
cgroup: Add "ignore" mode for --manage-cgroups 2019-05-01 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
cgroup: allow to specify a new root for each controller separately 2018-10-29 Andrei Vagin Accepted
cgroup: Fix clone_flags drop error in fork_with_pid 1 2016-05-05 Wang Long Accepted
cgroup: Fix early update of @dir_name in rewrite_cgsets 1 2016-05-18 Cyrill Gorcunov Rejected
cgroup: fix potential null dereference 2016-09-12 Tycho Andersen Rejected
cgroup: only reset directory when dirnew is valid 1 2016-09-14 Tycho Andersen Accepted
cgroup: Skip unified hier controllers 2017-06-23 Pavel Emelianov New
cgroup: Skip unified hier controllers (v2) 2017-06-29 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
cgroup: support --cgroup-root on dump too 2016-09-13 Tycho Andersen Rejected
cgroup: treat memory.oom_control specially too 2016-08-09 Tycho Andersen Accepted
cgroup: typo fix 1 2016-06-16 Andrei Vagin Accepted
cgroup: update cgns prefix *after* using it 2016-10-31 Tycho Andersen Superseded
cgroups: Rework "devices" controller properties restoration 2016-09-01 Cyrill Gorcunov Rejected
change the return value of get_fs_type from int to long. 2016-09-16 Markus Knetschke Accepted
check: set si_signo in a test siginfo 2018-10-04 Andrei Vagin New
Checkpoint/Restore LXC container with CRIU on a raspberry pi 2 2016-06-14 Tycho Andersen Rejected
Cleanup do_full_int80() 1 2019-09-30 Nicolas Viennot Accepted
Cleanup do_full_int80() 2019-09-30 Nicolas Viennot New
Cleanup do_full_int80() 2019-09-19 Nicolas Viennot New
Cleanup do_full_int80() 2019-09-06 Nicolas Viennot New
cleanup: complete .gitignore 2016-04-28 Ruslan Kuprieiev Rejected
cli: Remove the --namespace option 2016-05-13 Pavel Emelianov Rejected
common: bitsperlong -- Specify complete path 2016-10-25 Cyrill Gorcunov Superseded
common: Use complete path in inclusion 2016-10-25 Cyrill Gorcunov Superseded
compel -- Use unsigned long for arguments 2018-08-10 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
compel handle_elf(): fix strings sect bounds check 1 1 2016-12-08 Kir Kolyshkin Accepted
compel, x86_64: Fix sys_clone() definition 2017-06-27 Kirill Tkhai Accepted
compel,x86: Drop call32.S symlink 2018-12-19 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
compel/log: increase a max line length 1 2018-05-15 Andrey Vagin Accepted
compel/ppc64le: make task size detection more robust 2017-08-24 Mike Rapoport New
compel/test: fix "infect" test compilation errors 2017-08-24 Mike Rapoport Accepted
compel: abort PIE generation on undefined/external symbols 1 2016-09-16 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
compel: adapt .gitgnore for aarch64 and ppc64le 2017-07-20 Adrian Reber Accepted
compel: Add R_X86_64{,_REX}_GOTPCRELX relocs 2017-10-17 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
compel: be silent if no errors 2017-05-16 Kir Kolyshkin Accepted
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