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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
files: Unify clone_service_fd() 2017-01-26 Kirill Tkhai Accepted
files: use pr_err instead of pr_perror 2016-06-02 Andrei Vagin Accepted
files_reg: carry rdev with regular files 2016-07-06 Stanislav Kinsburskiy Rejected
Fix building unlink_fstat00 unlink test case 2018-05-09 Adrian Reber Accepted
fix building with newer glibc 1 2017-06-29 Adrian Reber Accepted
Fix collect_filemap borrow flags check 2017-06-02 Pavel Emelianov Rejected
Fix dumping of /proc folder 2016-06-28 Andrei Tuicu Rejected
Fix dumping of /proc folder 2016-06-28 Andrei Tuicu Rejected
Fix dumping of /proc folder 2016-06-25 Andrei Tuicu Accepted
Fix dumping of fds pointing to the /proc folder itself 2016-06-28 Andrei Tuicu Rejected
Fix Fedora compile (undo _FORTIFY_SOURCE for pie) 2017-02-17 Kir Kolyshkin Accepted
Fix gcc9 build failures 1 2019-01-09 Adrian Reber Accepted
Fix kerndat_link_nsid() on systems with more than 10 interfaces 2018-11-22 Adrian Reber Accepted
Fix minor printf format 2016-07-19 Laurent Dufour Accepted
Fix RPC configuration file handling 2018-12-13 Adrian Reber New
fix segmentation fault caused by uninitialized mutex 1 2019-06-19 Dengguangxing Accepted
Fix typos 2018-02-06 Radostin Stoyanov New
Fix typos in criu/crtools.c 2016-09-13 Adrian Reber Rejected
Fix UB in choose_service_fd_base due to calling __builtin_clz(0) 2018-04-09 Radoslaw Burny Accepted
Fix UB in choose_service_fd_base due to calling __builtin_clz(0) 2018-04-09 Radoslaw Burny New
Fix use of fallocate on systems that do not export FALLOC_FL_KEEP_SIZE and FALLOC_FL_PUNCH_HOLE i... 2018-07-24 Pawel Stradomski Rejected
Fix warning reported by openSUSE's OBS (Open Build Service) 2017-11-12 Avindra Goolcharan Accepted
Fixed BUFFER_SIZE_WARNING issues introduced by remote images code. 2017-03-10 Rodrigo Bruno Accepted
Fixed negative returns issues introduced by remote images code. 2017-03-01 Rodrigo Bruno New
Fixed NULL_RETURNS issues introduced by remote images code. 2017-03-10 Rodrigo Bruno New
Fixed OVERFLOW_BEFORE_WIDEN issue introduced by remote images code. 2017-03-19 Rodrigo Bruno Rejected
Fixed RESOURCE_LEAK issues introduced by remote images code. 2017-03-19 Rodrigo Bruno Accepted
freeze -- Wait for exiting tasks to complete 2016-10-09 Cyrill Gorcunov Superseded
fs: Add new argument to fstype::parse() and use it in binfmt_misc 2017-05-15 Kirill Tkhai Rejected
fs: Add new argument to fstype::parse() and use it in binfmt_misc 2017-05-11 Kirill Tkhai New
fs: Fix retval analysing erratum 1 2016-12-01 Kirill Tkhai Superseded
fs: take into account that cr_system overrides standard descriptors 2018-05-12 Andrey Vagin Accepted
fsnotify: Filter event mask from old kernels 2017-10-02 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
fsnotify: Fix bad field name in list iterations 2017-06-19 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
fsnotify: More precious error handling 1 2019-06-04 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
fsnotify: open_handle -- Handle multiple mounts with same s_dev 2017-08-04 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
fsnotify: skip non-direcory mounts 2017-02-17 Pavel Tikhomirov New
Fwd: Re: [PATCH 1/2] mount: Do not fail on shared cr-time mounts mismatch 2016-10-19 Kirill Tkhai Superseded
Go-criu clean up 2018-10-31 Radostin Stoyanov New
GSoC: Memory mapping collection 2019-06-04 Abhishek Dubey New
GSoC: optimize logging engine 2019-08-26 Anastasia Markina Rejected
Guard against empty file lock status 2019-10-01 Nicolas Viennot Accepted
handle-elf.c: whitespace cleanup 2016-10-06 Kir Kolyshkin Accepted
headers: Split */types.h headers 2016-10-28 Pavel Emelianov Superseded
headers: Switch to common linkage.h 2016-11-10 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
helper: Move service fds closing code to restore_one_helper() 2018-04-20 Kirill Tkhai Accepted
ia32: Clearify if 32bit C/R is compile-disabled 2017-04-21 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
image-cache: Ignore SIGPIPE 2018-07-09 Radostin Stoyanov New
image: add a few missing newlines in pr_warn() 2018-07-26 Adrian Reber Accepted
image: Add missing newlines to warn message 2018-06-07 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
image: do_open_remote_image: Move the unix sockets to workdir 2017-07-17 Omri Kramer New
image: Use POSIX_FADV_NOREUSE to do not store images in page cache after read 2017-07-12 Kirill Tkhai Rejected
images: add proto2 syntax specification to remote-image.proto 2017-03-07 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
images: add syntax declaration to macvlan.proto 2016-10-21 Tycho Andersen Superseded
images: Implement collect_images() to minimaze code lines 2017-05-04 Kirill Tkhai New
images: nfs -- Reserve data for NFS support 2016-06-11 Cyrill Gorcunov Rejected
images: regfile.proto -- Reserve "unreachable" field 2017-08-24 Cyrill Gorcunov Rejected
images: Reserve tty numbers in task_core_entry 2017-07-18 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
img-remote: Fix typo in comment 2018-01-20 Radostin Stoyanov Accepted
img: Move sigactions into core 2017-04-19 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
implementing some kind of --leave-frozen option for c/r in CRIU 2016-05-10 Tycho Andersen Rejected
include sys/sysmacros.h for minor/major/makedev funcs 2016-12-07 Mike Frysinger Superseded
inet: raw -- Reserve image members for sockets options 2018-09-25 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
init/Kconfig: make CHECKPOINT_RESTORE select PROC_PAGE_MONITOR 2018-02-27 Mike Rapoport New
Introducing the --check-only option 2016-10-06 Adrian Reber Superseded
Introspecting userns relationships to other namespaces? 2016-07-08 Andrey Vagin Rejected
ipc: Fix huge ipcshm segments data dump/restore 2017-03-06 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
ipc: SysVshmem segment can be unaligned 1 2016-05-30 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
irmap: Duplicate handle memory when queueing for predump 2017-06-29 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
Issue 329: Reducing scope of variables in action-scripts.c 2019-03-09 Harshavardhan Unnibhavi Accepted
Jenkins Issue: Fix unknown shell warning in test jenkins directory 2019-03-08 Harshavardhan Unnibhavi New
jenkins: add a new job to check --join-ns 2016-04-30 Andrei Vagin Accepted
jenkins: add a pipeline file for criu-lazy-migration 2018-03-29 Andrey Vagin Accepted
jenkins: criu-lib: add BUILD_NUMBER to the archive filename 2017-09-13 Mike Rapoport Accepted
jenkins: criu-lib: kill trailing whitespace 2017-09-13 Mike Rapoport New
jenkins: lazy-pages: reduce amount of parallel runs for --remote case 2017-09-07 Mike Rapoport Accepted
jenkins: lazy-pages: skip maps04 for remote-lazy-pages 2017-09-13 Mike Rapoport Accepted
jenkins: lazy-pages: split lazy-pages runs to local and remote 2017-09-14 Mike Rapoport Accepted
kdat/net: Init kerndat even if nsid aren't supported 2018-01-27 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
kdat: allow to override build time 1 2017-07-18 Bernhard M. Wiedemann Accepted
kdat: Don't open /run/criu.kdat if doesn't exists 1 2018-07-01 Radostin Stoyanov New
kdat: fill kdat by zero-s before initializing it 1 1 2018-05-15 Andrey Vagin Accepted
kdat: if iptables-restore has xtable lock support do wait on lock 2017-09-28 Pavel Tikhomirov Accepted
kdat: lazy-thp: split error paths cleanups to two cases 2017-08-14 Mike Rapoport Accepted
kdat: remove cr-exec shambles 2017-04-21 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
kerndat: call kerndat_link_nsid() 2018-01-11 Andrei Vagin Accepted
kerndat: include config.h before using CONFIG_* contants 1 2017-06-27 Andrei Vagin Accepted
kerndat: initialize zero_page_pfn to -1 1 2016-04-29 Andrei Vagin Rejected
kerndat: redirect iptables output to /dev/null 2016-09-02 Pavel Tikhomirov Rejected
kerndat: Separate per-arch kerndat 2018-02-15 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
kerndat: set uffd features to 0 before querying kernel 2017-08-21 Mike Rapoport Accepted
lazy-pages: actually return to epoll_wait after completing forks 2018-04-30 Mike Rapoport Accepted
lazy-pages: add comments about different addresses in lazy_iov and lp_req 1 2017-02-08 Mike Rapoport Accepted
lazy-pages: add comments to update_lazy_iovecs 2016-12-14 Mike Rapoport Accepted
lazy-pages: consolidate error handling for uffdio_copy and uffdio_zeropage 2017-09-22 Mike Rapoport Accepted
lazy-pages: don't close page-read for child processes 2017-06-25 Mike Rapoport Accepted
lazy-pages: don't close page_read when a parent process exits 2017-09-07 Mike Rapoport New
lazy-pages: enable lazy-pages via RPC 2017-01-13 Adrian Reber Accepted
lazy-pages: fix lazy dump 1 2017-01-11 Mike Rapoport Accepted
lazy-pages: fix off-by-one in remap_lazy_iovs 2017-07-06 Mike Rapoport Accepted
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