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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
lazy-pages: fix searching for the page at #PF time 2016-11-29 Mike Rapoport Accepted
lazy-pages: fix stack detection 2019-05-14 Mike Rapoport Accepted
lazy-pages: fork: fix duplication of IOV lists 2018-05-07 Mike Rapoport Accepted
lazy-pages: interleave #PF handling with transfers of remaining pages 2016-12-01 Mike Rapoport Accepted
lazy-pages: spelling: s/pagefalt/#PF 2016-12-01 Mike Rapoport Accepted
lazy-pages: treat ENOMEM returned by UFFDIO_UNREGISTER as task exit 2017-09-28 Mike Rapoport New
lazy-pages: treat ESRCH returned by uffdio_copy as process exit condition 2017-08-14 Mike Rapoport Accepted
lazy-pages: uffd_zero: igore -EEXIST error 2017-09-13 Mike Rapoport New
lazy-pages: use intermediate pipe in page_server_get_pages 2017-06-05 Mike Rapoport Rejected
lazy-pages: use random read from page-pipe instead of splitting it 1 2017-06-07 Mike Rapoport Accepted
lazy: BUG at criu/pstree.c:499 2017-01-10 Mike Rapoport Superseded
lib/c/criu.h: rm explicit numbering of enum elements 1 2016-09-14 Kir Kolyshkin Accepted
lib: add external support 2016-10-21 Ruslan Kuprieiev Superseded
lib: add inherit_fd 2016-10-13 Ruslan Kuprieiev Accepted
lib: Add start page-server support 2018-02-06 Radostin Stoyanov New
libsoccr debug/info messages 1 2016-11-10 Adrian Reber Accepted
libsoccr debug/info messages 2016-11-09 Dmitry Safonov Superseded
link_remap: do not create excessive links for a single file 2016-06-30 Stanislav Kinsburskiy Rejected
list: Drop unused __list_for_each 2018-12-06 Radostin Stoyanov Accepted
locks: Mask futexes aligned 2017-02-01 Kirill Tkhai Superseded
locks: Use in-house pid_in_pstree helper 2016-05-13 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
log: pr_warn_once -- Fix formatting 2018-02-13 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
log: Use USEC_PER_SEC instead of 1000000 2018-12-05 Radostin Stoyanov Accepted
Looking at the aarch64 failure (issue #415) 2018-02-20 Adrian Reber New
lsm: remove SELINUX undef 2016-09-16 Tycho Andersen Accepted
LXC WebUI Support 2016-06-29 Arthur Lockman Rejected
make lpi_fini handle NULL to allow it after failed lpi_init in ud_open 2016-07-21 Pavel Tikhomirov Accepted
Make socket_udp-corked use different port 1 2018-03-26 Vitaly Ostrosablin New
make-compel: Add CC=gcc 2019-04-10 Radostin Stoyanov New
make: Add snapshot target 2017-10-05 Cyrill Gorcunov New
make: Add tarball target 2017-10-10 Cyrill Gorcunov New
make: don't run feature-tests for tags/etags/cscope 1 2017-04-24 Kirill Tkhai Accepted
make: don't run feature-tests for tags/etags/cscope 2017-04-24 Dmitry Safonov New
make: regenerate blobs on linker script (lds) change 2017-01-27 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
make: Report dependencies absence more exactly 1 2017-04-24 Kirill Tkhai Accepted
Makefile.install: DESTDIR should be empty 2016-12-14 Kir Kolyshkin Accepted
Makefile: add -Wformat-security to CFLAGS 2016-08-31 Kir Kolyshkin Rejected
Makefile: add .FORCE target 1 2016-05-25 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
Makefile: move default goal up 1 2016-10-05 Kir Kolyshkin Accepted
Makefile: suppress git describe warnings 1 2016-05-27 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
mem: Copy vme-s to restorer later 2016-05-30 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
mem: Do not hide error from add_shmem_area 2016-09-02 Pavel Emelianov Rejected
mem: Don't do unneeded mprotects 2017-05-15 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
mem: Rework vma open 2016-05-20 Pavel Emelianov Rejected
mem: Use long for memory size 2017-03-10 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
Merge img-remote and img-remote-proto 1 2017-07-01 Mike Rapoport Accepted
Merged some code from criu-dev into master 1 2016-09-07 Laurent Dufour Rejected
mm: Record page size in checkpoint and check it at run time 1 2016-11-01 Christopher Covington Superseded
mnt: allow external slaves too 2016-10-11 Tycho Andersen Superseded
mount: Add ->collect callback 2017-01-11 Pavel Emelianov Superseded
mount: add a comment to explain why do we need a clean mount 2016-05-19 Andrei Vagin Accepted
mount: Add a detailed error message when opts.root is NULL 2018-09-04 Kondo, Uchio New
mount: add a missing return on a error path 2016-05-19 Andrei Vagin Accepted
mount: cgroup -- Fix nil dereference 1 2016-09-13 Cyrill Gorcunov Rejected
mount: Correct s_dev conversion in mount_cr_time_mount() 2016-09-27 Kirill Tkhai Accepted
mount: Corrent sibling path when parent and child have the same mountpoint 1 2016-09-20 Kirill Tkhai Accepted
mount: don't collect mounts when they are not required 2017-03-23 Andrei Vagin Accepted
mount: don't do MS_REC|MS_PRIVATE for host mounts 2016-06-22 Andrei Vagin Accepted
mount: don't dump content for external mounts 2017-03-23 Andrei Vagin Accepted
mount: don't overmount a mount if it should be bind-mounted somewhere 2016-04-28 Andrei Vagin Rejected
mount: don't overwrite mount flags by MS_STRICTATIME 2016-10-14 Andrei Vagin Superseded
mount: don't use phys_stat_resolve_dev() in open_mount() 2017-06-06 Andrei Vagin Accepted
mount: dump a file system only if a mount point isn't overmounted 2016-05-05 Andrei Vagin Rejected
mount: Find NS_ROOT for cr-time mount on restore 2017-05-19 Kirill Tkhai Accepted
mount: Fix cleanup_mnt_ns() when opts.root is set 2019-01-11 Radostin Stoyanov Accepted
mount: fix error print in case of failed bind-mount 2016-10-06 Stanislav Kinsburskiy Accepted
mount: fix regression where open_mountpoint failed on readonly fs 1 2018-07-11 Pavel Tikhomirov Accepted
mount: fix segmentation fault in can_mount_now on no mnt_master 2018-07-24 Pavel Tikhomirov Accepted
mount: Fix typo in MNT_TREE_WALK doc-comment 2018-03-24 Radostin Stoyanov New
mount: Move fstypes related code into separate files 2016-09-22 Pavel Emelianov Rejected
mount: Order call_helper_process calls 2019-11-18 Cyrill Gorcunov New
mount: Reduce size of mkey in ext_mount_lookup 2018-08-27 Radostin Stoyanov Accepted
mount: resolve parent mount of symbolic link correctly 2016-07-25 Katerina Koukiou Rejected
mount: restore mounts in the root mount namespace 2017-02-14 Andrei Vagin Accepted
mount: simplify mnt_build_ids_tree() 2017-02-03 Andrei Vagin Accepted
mount: skip '/' only if it is there 1 2016-10-18 Andrei Vagin Accepted
mount: sysfs -- Use slave mounting for the root 1 2016-07-25 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
mount: treat non-openable mountpoint as unreachable 2017-11-20 Pavel Tikhomirov Rejected
mount: use switch_ns_by_fd() instead of open_proc() + setns() 2017-03-20 Andrei Vagin Accepted
Move headers around to fix issues on custom-built glibc 2016-08-16 Dmitry Safonov Rejected
Move headers around to fix issues on custom-built glibc 2016-08-16 Nikolay Borisov Accepted
Moved sigact dump/restore code into separate file. 2020-03-18 prakriti goyal New
namespace: mark mount namespaces as populated after the forking stage 1 2016-06-11 Andrei Vagin Rejected
namespaces: don't for to skip cgroup namespace 2016-07-19 Tycho Andersen Accepted
namespaces: Use EINVAL instead of 22 1 2018-12-28 Radostin Stoyanov Accepted
namespaces: use fstatat instead of readlink to get a namespace kernel id 1 2016-07-30 Andrei Vagin Rejected
net/ip: print fd link of the image we fail to restore from 2018-08-07 Pavel Tikhomirov New
net/iptables: check iptables command has wait option 2016-06-16 Pavel Tikhomirov Rejected
net/iptables: check iptables command has wait option 2016-06-15 Pavel Tikhomirov Rejected
net/sysctl: remove excess type conversions for sysctl_entry.type 2016-05-16 Pavel Tikhomirov Rejected
net/sysctl: silence read error in case of CTL_FLAGS_READ_EIO_SKIP 1 1 2016-05-18 Pavel Tikhomirov Accepted
net/sysctl: zero-init stable_secret strings 1 2016-05-20 Pavel Tikhomirov Accepted
net: add support for "net/core/*" sysctls 2019-04-16 Cyrill Gorcunov New
net: add wait to iptables command to fix race 1 2016-05-31 Pavel Tikhomirov Accepted
net: Call ip[6]tables-restore with -w parameter 2017-09-26 Kirill Tkhai Accepted
net: Create child with CLONE_VM in prepare_net_namespaces() 2017-03-15 Kirill Tkhai New
net: Don't try to restore sit6rd when not present 2017-07-19 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
net: drop network traffic for loopback device only 2017-01-16 Stanislav Kinsburskiy Superseded
net: Execute ip[6]tables-{save, restore} with -w option 2017-09-22 Kirill Tkhai New
net: Fix links collection retcode 2017-06-16 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
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