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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
travis-ci: Enable ia32 tests 2019-04-09 Dmitry Safonov New
travis/lazy-pages: exclude lazy-thp for older kernels 2017-10-15 Mike Rapoport Accepted
travis/lazy-pages: explicitly define the tests to verify lazy-pages 2017-10-08 Mike Rapoport New
travis: add "make uninstall" test 2017-02-28 Kir Kolyshkin Accepted
travis: add lazy-pages run 2017-04-20 Mike Rapoport Accepted
travis: allow to run up to two tests in parallel 2016-08-20 Andrei Vagin Accepted
travis: build criu and run tests on centos 1 2018-05-09 Andrey Vagin Accepted
travis: catch core dump files in error cases 2016-08-20 Andrei Vagin Rejected
travis: Disallow failures on ia32 2019-11-09 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
travis: enable arm/arm64/ppc builds with clang 2016-11-30 Kir Kolyshkin Superseded
travis: exclude futex and lazy-thp tests from lazy passes 2017-07-20 Mike Rapoport Accepted
travis: execute cgroup tests 2016-10-26 Andrei Vagin Superseded
travis: execute tests on Alpine 2017-02-07 Andrei Vagin Accepted
travis: fix building on s390x 2018-06-28 Adrian Reber Accepted
travis: fix collecting code coverage 2017-02-02 Andrei Vagin Accepted
Travis: fix yandex URL for packages 1 2016-07-06 Dmitry Safonov Rejected
Travis: fix yandex URL for packages 2016-07-06 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
travis: Put package list in a variable 2016-10-19 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
travis: run tests with asan 2017-03-29 Andrei Vagin New
travis: set permissions for test/, test/static/, test/transition 2016-08-31 Andrei Vagin Accepted
travis: set umask before a first criu run 2017-10-04 Andrei Vagin Accepted
travis: temporarily disable lazy-pages testing 2018-04-11 Mike Rapoport Accepted
travis: workaround a compilation error for fedora rawhide 2017-10-03 Andrei Vagin Accepted
tty: Assing special indeces for ext and serial ttys 2016-08-31 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
tty: Deprecate no-regfile entry case 1 2016-09-01 Pavel Emelianov Rejected
tty: Don't forget to setup peers mode on restore 1 2016-06-24 Cyrill Gorcunov Rejected
tty: Fix deprecation detection logic 2016-09-07 Cyrill Gorcunov Rejected
tty: fix typo 1 2016-06-27 Tycho Andersen Accepted
tty: Make params setup synchronous 2019-03-12 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
tty: Make sure deprecated logic does not take wrong branch 2016-09-08 Cyrill Gorcunov Rejected
tty: Make sure no /dev/tty inheritance exist 2017-04-28 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
tty: Move tty layer shared init into tty_init_restore 2019-06-25 Cyrill Gorcunov New
tty: prefer zalloc to malloc for inverted_path allocation 1 1 2016-06-23 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
tty: prefer zalloc to malloc for inverted_path allocation 2016-06-23 Cyrill Gorcunov Rejected
tty: prefer zalloc to malloc for inverted_path allocation 2016-06-23 Dmitry Safonov Rejected
tty: Require @stdin being tty to inherit from in a laze fashion 2016-08-30 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
tty: Restore peers uid, gid 1 2016-08-29 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
tun/kerndat: Keep going with CONFIG_TUN=n 2018-06-13 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
tun: don't leak a file descriptor 2018-05-15 Andrey Vagin Accepted
uffd.c: create lazy-pages socket in image directory 2017-01-13 Adrian Reber Superseded
uffd: don't close the same descriptor twice 2016-05-13 Andrei Vagin Accepted
uffd: handle errors from userfaultfd() 2016-05-13 Andrei Vagin Accepted
uffd: typo fix 2016-05-13 Andrei Vagin Accepted
Unify own memcpy/memset/memcmp 2017-01-31 Kir Kolyshkin Rejected
uninstall: use --record with 1 2016-04-28 Ruslan Kuprieiev Rejected
uninstall: use --record with, v2 1 2016-04-28 Ruslan Kuprieiev Rejected
unix: a unix name can be a non-null terminated string 2017-03-29 Andrei Vagin Accepted
unix: allow --external unix[ino]:stub[string] 2017-02-28 Ruslan Kuprieiev Deferred
unix: Do not autobind unnamed unix sockets 2016-06-16 Kirill Tkhai Accepted
unix: Do not autobind unnamed unix sockets 2016-06-15 Kirill Tkhai Rejected
unix: Do pr_perror() before cleanup 2017-03-28 Kirill Tkhai Accepted
unix: don't leak a file descriptor 2017-02-03 Andrei Vagin Accepted
unix: Fix nil dereference in find_queuer_for 1 2018-03-22 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
unix: handle unlink failure correctly 1 2016-07-19 Tycho Andersen Accepted
unix: print inode numbers as unsigned int 2019-09-24 Andrei Vagin Accepted
unix: switch into the root mount namespace before cleaning stale sockets 2017-01-31 Andrei Vagin Superseded
unix: sysctl -- Preserve max_dgram_qlen value 2019-10-31 Alexander Mikhalitsyn New
unix: Test the --external instead of --ext-unix-sk 2016-10-06 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
unix: test, sk-unix01 -- Fix data sending for be machines 2018-06-22 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
unix: Use helper to search for task 2016-05-13 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
uns: Fix descriptor passed into a walk 2016-08-29 Cyrill Gorcunov Accepted
Update the xtables deps for netns-test. 2016-12-04 Raghavendra Prabhu Superseded
Use *open_proc* where possible 2017-03-29 Kir Kolyshkin Accepted
userns: exit from a child on error paths 2018-10-15 Andrei Vagin Accepted
user_ns: Block SIGCHLD during namespaces generation 2017-04-01 Kirill Tkhai New
util-vdso: correct vdso symbol's length 1 2016-07-22 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
util/epoll: do not report polling timeout 2017-07-30 Mike Rapoport Accepted
util: block SIGCHLD to run a sub process 2017-03-30 Andrei Vagin New
util: cr_system_userns() should not affect log_fd 2016-04-22 Andrei Vagin Accepted
util: disable log service in cr_system_userns if error fd was -1 2016-04-22 Stanislav Kinsburskiy Rejected
util: Do not leak dup-ed file descriptor 2016-12-19 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
util: Don't swear on interrupted close syscall 2017-05-02 Cyrill Gorcunov Rejected
util: Fix reversed IPv4/IPv6 port assignment 2018-08-30 Radostin Stoyanov Accepted
util: report a command name in error messages for cr_system() 2017-08-09 Andrei Vagin Accepted
util: use F_DUPFD when we don't want to overwrite an existing descriptor 1 2019-05-21 Andrei Vagin Accepted
utils: Add "test/zdtm/lib" directory definitions to tags file 2017-06-27 Kirill Tkhai Accepted
vdso: Correctly track vdso position without vvar 1 1 2019-08-10 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
vdso: Speed up /proc/pid/maps parse 2017-04-13 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
version: sync version with master branch 2018-07-06 Adrian Reber Rejected
veth: fix off by one error 2016-10-06 Tycho Andersen Accepted
vma: don't define dump_filemap_t twice 2016-08-16 Andrei Vagin Accepted
vma: Don't set vma_area->vm_file_fd to -1 in alloc 1 2016-05-19 Pavel Emelianov Rejected
vma: Fix badly inherited FD in filemap_open 2017-06-09 Pavel Emelianov Accepted
vmsplice user-buffer(grabbed by process_vm_readv) to page-pipe 2019-07-24 Andrei Vagin New
vmsplice user-buffer(grabbed by process_vm_readv) to page-pipe 2019-07-05 Abhishek Dubey New
vmsplice user-buffer(grabbed by process_vm_readv) to page-pipe 2019-07-04 Abhishek Dubey New
vz7: files -- Don't access value from stack in outer contex 2017-07-12 Cyrill Gorcunov Rejected
x86, tls: read no more than saved TLS entries 1 2016-10-20 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
x86/compat: clean symlinks left from second parasite 2017-02-01 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
x86/compat: fix error-check for compat mmap() 2017-01-18 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
x86/crtools: do not error when YMM is missing 1 2019-04-16 Zhang, Ning A Accepted
x86/crtools: Fix null pointer dereference 2019-05-02 Radostin Stoyanov New
x86/ia32: fix build with DEBUG=1 1 2017-05-29 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
x86/kdat: Check PTRACE_TRACEME return value 2018-02-27 Dmitry Safonov Accepted
x86: cpu -- Proceed even if xsavec detected for dev reason 2018-06-19 Cyrill Gorcunov New
xsave: check for X86_FEATURE_OSXSAVE rather than for X86_FEATURE_XSAVE 1 2016-12-15 Adrian Reber Accepted
zdtm test build failure on s390x (s390x_regs_check.c) 2017-09-26 Michael Holzheu Not Applicable
zdtm test build failure on s390x (s390x_regs_check.c) 2017-09-05 Michael Holzheu Accepted --keep-going output 2018-03-20 Andrey Vagin New --keep-going output 2018-03-20 Adrian Reber New
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