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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[4/4] Add endbr32 to i386 assembly functions 2020-10-19 Joao Moreira New
Status report and MT fork 2020-10-26 Rich Felker New
Bug with priority inheritance and condition variables 2020-10-26 Rich Felker New
Re: [PATCH v3] posix_fallocate.3: add EOPNOTSUPP error code. 2020-10-26 Érico Rolim New
[v2] MT fork 2020-10-28 Rich Felker New
crt: Add .file directive 2020-10-30 Khem Raj New
[v2] MT fork 2020-11-11 Rich Felker New
[v3] MT-fork (series) 2020-11-11 Rich Felker New
Re: parse-datetime test failure 2020-11-12 Paul Eggert New
[0/3] Updates for linux v5.9 2020-11-14 Szabolcs Nagy New
CVE-2020-28928: musl libc: wcsnrtombs destination buffer overflow 2020-11-19 Rich Felker New
Fix build error for vabs.f64 and vsqrt.f64 2020-11-20 Jinliang Li New
realpath without procfs -- should be ready for inclusion 2020-11-23 Rich Felker New
Fix crash in malloc_usable_size() if nullptr 2020-11-25 Dominic Chen New
s390x: derive float_t from compiler or default to float 2020-12-01 Marius Hillenbrand New
harden against unauthorized writes to the atexit function lists 2020-12-02 Ariadne Conill New
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