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[RFC/RFT] musl: 1.1.20 prelease testing 2018-07-29 Christian Lamparter New
Various fixes for ancient typos in Sun fdlibm comments 2018-07-28 CM Graff New
pthread_setattr_default_np behavior difference from glibc 2018-07-26 Rich Felker New
strptime: add support for %z field descriptor (ISO 8601 timezone) 2018-07-25 Rafał Miłecki New
strftime: fix %z sign for small negative time zone offsets 2018-07-25 Rafał Miłecki New
bsearch: simplify and optimize 2018-07-22 Fangrui Song New
Re: Segmentation fault in static binaries built with recent binutils 2018-07-18 Szabolcs Nagy New
arm asm for vfork 2018-07-18 Patrick Oppenlander New
strptime: add basic support for '%s' (seconds since epoch) 2018-07-16 Will Dietz New
strptime: add basic support for '%s' (seconds since epoch) 2018-07-15 Will Dietz New
getaddrinfo(3) / AI_ADDRCONFIG 2018-07-14 Rich Felker New
getaddrinfo(3) / AI_ADDRCONFIG 2018-07-13 Rich Felker New
getaddrinfo(3) / AI_ADDRCONFIG 2018-07-11 Rich Felker New
uchar.h: define char16_t and char32_t for old c++ 2018-07-08 Szabolcs Nagy New
add bits/ptrace.h 2018-07-08 Szabolcs Nagy New
sys/ptrace.h: add missing PTRACE_EVENT_STOP 2018-07-08 Szabolcs Nagy New
optimize explicit_bzero for size 2018-06-28 Alexander Monakov New
sys/socket.h: fix SO_PEERSEC value on MIPS 2018-06-24 Matthias Schiffer New
mlock2 and memfd_create 2018-06-19 Szabolcs Nagy New
proposal adding explicit_bzero 2018-06-15 David CARLIER New
broken __kernel_mode_t affecting some big endian archs 2018-06-15 Rich Felker New
broken __kernel_mode_t affecting some big endian archs 2018-06-15 Rich Felker New
[00/16] Linux v4.16 and v4.17 updates 2018-06-14 Szabolcs Nagy New
musl dns search domain stop when current search got some error 2018-06-12 王志强 New
strftime: fix underlying format string in %z format 2018-06-11 Daniel Sabogal New
inet_ntop: do not compress single zeros in IPv6 2018-06-05 Arthur Jones New
inet_ntop bug in 1.1.19 2018-06-04 Philip Homburg New
Fix TLS layout of TLS variant I when there is a gap above TP 2018-06-01 Szabolcs Nagy New
scanf: stop scanning if the L modifier is used for integers 2018-06-01 Andrey Vagin New
SYS_futex FUTEX_WAIT requires a valid timeout argument 2018-06-01 Patrick Oppenlander New
printf: handle the L modifier for integers 2018-05-31 Andrey Vagin New
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