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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[00/10] Updates for linux v5.5 and v5.6 2020-03-31 Szabolcs Nagy New
[0/8] Updates for linux v4.18 2018-08-23 Szabolcs Nagy New
[0/7] updates for linux v5.2 2019-08-20 Szabolcs Nagy New
[0/7] updates for linux v5.2 2019-08-20 Szabolcs Nagy New
[0/6] updates for linux v5.4 2019-12-24 Szabolcs Nagy New
[0/6] updates for linux v5.3 2019-11-10 Szabolcs Nagy New
[0/6] updates for linux v5.3 2019-11-13 Szabolcs Nagy New
[0/5] add FP_FAST_FMA to math.h 2018-09-23 Szabolcs Nagy New
[0/5] add FP_FAST_FMA to math.h 2018-09-26 Szabolcs Nagy New
[0/3] fp_barrier improvements 2019-04-27 Szabolcs Nagy New
[0/2] math: fix known directed rounding problems 2020-01-20 Szabolcs Nagy New
x86: optimize fp_arch.h 2019-04-24 Szabolcs Nagy New
wireup linux/name_to_handle_at and name_to_handle_at syscalls 2018-09-13 Khem Raj New
vfscanf: fix use of uninitialized variable 2020-07-01 Julien Ramseier New
Various fixes for ancient typos in Sun fdlibm comments 2018-07-28 CM Graff New
value of thread-specific data immediately after initialization 2018-09-18 Rich Felker New
V2 Enable linking to a static position independent executable 2020-04-06 Harald Hoyer New
Use __attribute__((noreturn)) for function pointer 2019-06-14 Matthew Maurer New
use the correct stat structure in the fstat path 2019-07-21 Samuel Holland New
use of varargs in open and various functions 2019-04-11 Norbert Lange New
Use fabsl instead of fabs on long double operand in floatscan.c 2019-10-18 Dan Gohman New
Update ctype data to Unicode 12.1.0 2019-10-12 Eleftherios Kritikos New
Unconditonally define alloca as __builtin_alloca 2019-11-19 Michael Forney New
un-UBify-strings 2018-09-23 Rich Felker New
uchar.h: define char16_t and char32_t for old c++ 2018-07-08 Szabolcs Nagy New
uapi: Prevent redefinition of struct iphdr 2019-12-22 A. Wilcox New
time: Fix bug in timer_create 2019-09-24 changdiankang New
The local variables "sym" and "bestsym" in dladdr function are assigned initial values to NULL 2019-06-20 liucheng (G) New
tar.h: TSVTX should always be visible 2019-03-13 A. Wilcox New
SYS_futex FUTEX_WAIT requires a valid timeout argument 2018-06-01 Patrick Oppenlander New
sys/socket.h: fix SO_PEERSEC value on MIPS 2018-06-24 Matthias Schiffer New
sys/ptrace.h: add missing PTRACE_EVENT_STOP 2018-07-08 Szabolcs Nagy New
Subject: [PATCH] pthread: Fix bug that pthread_create may cause priority inversion 2019-09-09 zhaohang (F) New
Subject: [PATCH] pthread: Fix bug that pthread_create may cause priority inversion 2019-09-09 Rich Felker New
strptime: add support for %z field descriptor (ISO 8601 timezone) 2018-07-25 Rafał Miłecki New
strptime: add basic support for '%s' (seconds since epoch) 2018-07-15 Will Dietz New
strptime: add basic support for '%s' (seconds since epoch) 2018-07-16 Will Dietz New
string-backed FILEs mess 2018-09-14 Rich Felker New
strftime: fix underlying format string in %z format 2018-06-11 Daniel Sabogal New
strftime: fix %z sign for small negative time zone offsets 2018-07-25 Rafał Miłecki New
stdio: Fix fdopen bug 2020-02-19 Zhang Tianci New
stdc-predef.h and musl-gcc 2018-10-29 Jens Gustedt New
stat: Fix chmod 2020-02-19 Zhang Tianci New
simplify __procfdname by folding the 0 case 2018-09-02 Fangrui Song New
setvbuf: return failure if mode is invalid 2019-03-12 A. Wilcox New
setlocale: wrong var passed to __get_locale 2018-11-19 Julien Ramseier New
sem_wait and EINTR 2018-12-06 Markus Wichmann New
sem_wait and EINTR 2018-12-06 Orivej Desh New
scanf: stop scanning if the L modifier is used for integers 2018-06-01 Andrey Vagin New
riscv64: fenv.S: Fix fesetenv(FE_DFL_ENV) failure 2019-12-02 Ruinland ChuanTzu Tsai New
riscv port for review 2018-09-28 Rich Felker New
RISC-V: add riscv64 architecture support 2019-05-24 Drew DeVault New
rewrite __aeabi_read_tp in asm 2018-08-25 Szabolcs Nagy New
return value of ulimit(UL_GETFSIZE) in X32 architecture 2019-04-25 liucheng (G) New
return EBADF from ttyname_r 2018-09-13 Benjamin Peterson New
resolve DT_RELR packed relative relocations 2019-03-06 Fangrui Song New
remove unused variables from dynlink.c 2019-05-12 Fangrui Song New
remove stray .end directives 2019-07-02 Fangrui Song New
remove SIGSTKFLT on mips? 1 2020-05-21 Rich Felker New
remove remaining traces of __tls_get_new 2019-09-29 Szabolcs Nagy New
remove redundant condition in memccpy 2020-03-09 Alexander Monakov New
remaining steps for time64 switchover 2019-10-21 Rich Felker New
regex Back reference matching result not same as glibc and tre. 2020-04-18 liheng (P) New
Re: 答复: [musl] Subject: [PATCH] pthread: Fix bug that pthread_create may cause priority inversion 2019-09-11 Rich Felker New
Re: 答复: [musl] musl: about malloc 'expand heap' issue 2019-04-12 Rich Felker New
Re: [updated/fixed] Patches for math subtree 2019-12-10 Stefan Kanthak New
Re: [PATCH] Use open_memstream(3) for more efficient asprintf 2019-10-14 Alex Brachet-Mialot New
Re: [PATCH] Fix many compiler warnings 2018-11-13 Sedrubal New
Re: Segmentation fault in static binaries built with recent binutils 2018-07-18 Szabolcs Nagy New
Re: posix_spawn 2019-10-01 Joshua Hudson New
Re: musl mathematical functions 2020-01-18 Szabolcs Nagy New
Re: date-debug test failure with musl 2019-05-13 Assaf Gordon New
Q: dealing with missing removal of excess precision 2020-03-22 Rich Felker New
pthread_setattr_default_np behavior difference from glibc 2018-07-26 Rich Felker New
pthread_key_create bug? 2019-01-07 Markus Wichmann New
Proposal to match behaviour of gethostbyname to glibc 2020-03-13 Wolf New
Proposal to match behaviour of gethostbyname to glibc 2020-04-26 Wolf New
proposal adding explicit_bzero 2018-06-15 David CARLIER New
probably need to emulate SO_TIMESTAMP 2019-12-17 Rich Felker New
printf: handle the L modifier for integers 2018-05-31 Andrey Vagin New
PPC64 IEEE128 bit FP support 2018-10-25 David Edelsohn New
powerpc64: use a type for mcontext_t regs field 2019-02-12 A. Wilcox New
powerpc64: add IEEE binary128 long double support 2019-06-30 Samuel Holland New
Potential deadlock in pthread_kill() 2020-07-06 Rich Felker New
posix_spawn() can expose the error pipe to the spawned process 2019-07-08 Rich Felker New
Planned robust mutex internals changes 2018-09-05 Rich Felker New
Patches for math subtree 2019-12-07 Stefan Kanthak New
PATCH: Fix cfi awk scripts for gawk 5 warning 2020-01-08 Will Dietz New
optimize explicit_bzero for size 2018-06-28 Alexander Monakov New
new tsearch implementation 2018-09-19 Szabolcs Nagy New
netinet/ip.h: Add UAPI definition guard for iphdr 2019-12-22 A. Wilcox New
musl: lutimes: Add checks for input parameters 2020-03-01 Liu Jie New
musl: bugfix getspnam_r negative 2019-05-16 New
musl-gcc with default-pie toolchains 2018-08-01 Rich Felker New
musl dns search domain stop when current search got some error 2018-06-12 王志强 New
mq_open: Perform check for mq name 2019-04-28 Qiang Huang New
move riscv64 register index constants to signal.h 2020-02-04 Rich Felker New
More patches for math subtree 2019-12-10 Stefan Kanthak New
More additions for the math/i386 subtree 2019-12-10 Stefan Kanthak New
mlock2 and memfd_create 2018-06-19 Szabolcs Nagy New
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