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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
coresignt: stdio: modify the fdopen interface 2019-12-25 Liu Jie New
coresight: getcwd: modify the processing of parameters 2019-12-18 Liu Jie New
configure: make AR and RANLIB customizable 2019-07-03 Fangrui Song New
config.mak: add AR/RANLIB and delete ASMSUBARCH 2019-05-17 Fangrui Song New
completely untested tlsdesc for arm (32-bit) 2018-10-01 Rich Felker New
Closing out oldmalloc 2020-06-02 Rich Felker New
Change container for riscv floating-point state to __riscv_mc_fp_state 2019-09-28 Khem Raj New
build: allow forcing generic implementations of library functions 2020-06-16 Yuval Deutscher New
bug#39236: [musl] coreutils cp mishandles error return from lchmod 2020-02-08 Paul Eggert New
Bug report, concurrency issue on exception with gcc 8.3.0 2019-09-24 Rich Felker New
bsearch: simplify and optimize 2018-07-22 Fangrui Song New
broken __kernel_mode_t affecting some big endian archs 2018-06-15 Rich Felker New
broken __kernel_mode_t affecting some big endian archs 2018-06-15 Rich Felker New
a_ctz_32: Instead of a subtraction by 31, use an xor 2019-11-08 Rosen Penev New
atexit: Unlock after executing exit functions 2020-04-02 wangjianjian (C) New
Asterisk 16 segmentation fault 2019-02-28 Sebastian Kemper New
Asterisk 16 segmentation fault 2019-05-27 Sebastian Kemper New
armv7-m segv when throwing c++ exception 2019-10-02 Rich Felker New
armv7-m segv when throwing c++ exception 2019-10-02 Rich Felker New
arm: avoid conditional branch to PLT in sigsetjmp.s 2019-09-18 Andre McCurdy New
arm64: uapi: Fix user space compile with musl libc 2019-10-19 Hauke Mehrtens New
arm asm for vfork 2018-07-18 Patrick Oppenlander New
An addition to the math subtree 2019-12-10 Stefan Kanthak New
always reset DST rules during tzset 2018-09-14 Benjamin Peterson New
ALSA: Fix definition of __time_pad 2019-12-28 A. Wilcox New
aio: aio_read() may not return error for invalid argument 2019-10-27 Zhang Tianci New
add support for pthread_sigqueue 2020-02-05 Daniel Fahlgren New
add support for powerpc/powerpc64 unaligned relocations 2019-06-30 Samuel Holland New
add statx 2020-01-19 Ben Noordhuis New
add secure_getenv function 2019-05-28 Petr Vaněk New
Add REL_COPY size change detection 2020-02-26 Markus Wichmann New
Add missing __syscall_ret in dl_mmap 2019-02-09 Ilya Matveychikov New
add internal aliases __opendir, __readdir and __closedir 2019-08-01 Ismael Luceno New
Add copy_file_range system call 2019-08-19 Árni Dagur New
add bits/ptrace.h 2018-07-08 Szabolcs Nagy New
add arm and sh bits/ptrace.h 2018-09-20 Szabolcs Nagy New
Absolute symlink breaks cross compilation 2020-01-17 Андрей Аладьев New
aarch64: add optimized memcpy, memmove and memset 2020-03-25 Szabolcs Nagy New
<shadow.h> function: fgetspent_r 2019-01-20 Markus Wichmann New
(series) Fix serious missing synchronization bug between internal locks and threads_minus_1 1->0 ... 2020-05-22 Rich Felker New
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