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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
ALSA: Fix definition of __time_pad 2019-12-28 A. Wilcox New
netinet/ip.h: Add UAPI definition guard for iphdr 2019-12-22 A. Wilcox New
uapi: Prevent redefinition of struct iphdr 2019-12-22 A. Wilcox New
tar.h: TSVTX should always be visible 2019-03-13 A. Wilcox New
setvbuf: return failure if mode is invalid 2019-03-12 A. Wilcox New
powerpc64: use a type for mcontext_t regs field 2019-02-12 A. Wilcox New
locale: ensure dcngettext() preserves errno 2019-01-28 A. Wilcox New