spfs: duplicate socket before sending it from usernsd

Submitted by Stanislav Kinsburskiy on Dec. 20, 2017, 4:06 p.m.


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Submitted Dec. 20, 2017, 4:06 p.m.
Last Updated Dec. 21, 2017, 10:09 p.m.
Revision 2

Cover Letter

Usernds closes socket once it was sent.
So, id should be duplicated before sending, if the socket is expected to be
send multiple times.


The following series implements...


Stanislav Kinsburskiy (7):
      spfs: introduce request_spfs_mngr_sock)() helper
      spfs: improve error and debug output for spfs_mount()
      spfs: remove redundant spfs_service_fd() helper
      spfs: improve SPFS manager start debug and error output
      spfs: improve prints in spfs_set_mode() and spfs_release_replace()
      spfs: return duplicated socket from usernsd
      spfs: switch mounts mode to STUB after root yard depopulation

 criu/cr-restore.c |   12 +++----
 criu/spfs.c       |   92 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------
 2 files changed, 59 insertions(+), 45 deletions(-)