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Submitted Aug. 18, 2020, 3:42 p.m.
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SERIES REVISION IS NOT COMPLETE. We've got 21 out of 30 expected patches.

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# Name Submitter State
[RFC,10/30] ima: Add ima namespace ID to the ima ML related structures New
[RFC,11/30] ima: Keep track of the measurment list per ima namespace New
[RFC,12/30] ima: Check ima namespace ID during digest entry lookup New
[RFC,13/30] ima: Add a new ima template that includes namespace ID New
[RFC,14/30] ima: Add per namespace view of the measurement list New
[RFC,15/30] ima: Add a reader counter to the integrity inode data New
[RFC,16/30] ima: Extend permissions to the ima securityfs entries New
[RFC,17/30] ima: Add the violation counter to the namespace New
[RFC,18/30] ima: Change the owning user namespace of the ima namespace if necessary New
[RFC,19/30] ima: Configure the new ima namespace from securityfs New
[RFC,20/30] ima: Parse per ima namespace policy file New
[RFC,21/30] user namespace: Add function that checks if the UID map is defined New
[RFC,22/30] ima: Remap IDs of subject based rules if necessary New
[RFC,23/30] keys: Add domain tag to the keyring search criteria New
[RFC,24/30] keys: Include key domain tag in the iterative search New
[RFC,25/30] keys: Allow to set key domain tag separately from the key type New
[RFC,26/30] ima: Add key domain to the ima namespace New
[RFC,27/30] integrity: Add key domain tag to the search criteria New
[RFC,28/30] ima: Load per ima namespace x509 certificate New
[RFC,29/30] ima: Add dummy boot aggregate to per ima namespace measurement list New
[RFC,30/30] ima: Set ML template per ima namespace New